Petlife is the UK’s sole distributor of Oxbow pet products, which are made in Nebraska, USA. Oxbow is a leader in premium small animal nutrition, and an internationally-recognized brand committed to serving the needs of small animals. Oxbow Animal Health partner closely with vets, scientists, and other industry professionals to create their products; which are tested, retested, and tested again in order to meet the highest standards. We stock a large range including Oxbow Timothy Hay, supplements, accessories and the newly launched baked treats.

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Here is what Andreas Brieger MRCVS  of Sevenoaks Avian Exotic Animal Veterinary Centre has to say about Oxbow:

Rabbits are admitted to veterinary care for a variety of reasons but they all have one thing in common: the need for good quality dietary fibre. If a rabbit does not eat within hours of admission, the prognosis for any case gets worse due to the risk of gastrointestinal failure. The Oxbow range of diets is ideally suited where rabbits and other herbivores such as guinea pigs, chinchillas and tortoises need hospitalisation and supportive care.

I find that the products are of a consistent and extraordinary quality and most patients are immediately tempted by the fresh smell of Western Timothy Hay or Alfalfa Nibbles. Both healthy and sick rabbits take quickly to the pellet food varieties as well and customers report hardly any problems converting their pets to Oxbow feeds. Although primarily conceived as a feed range for rabbits, cavies and chinchillas, I find the products increasingly useful for tortoises as well and with supplementary products such as Papaya Tablets, Vitamin C tablets and treats, this is a nice professional product range to use and sell in a veterinary practice.

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