3 in 1 Hi-Vis dog coat

Flecta® Vizlite® DT Dog Jacket combines the unique light absorbing and light emitting properties of VizLite® with a light reflecting stripe on either side of the jacket. The VizLite® DT Dual Technology will provide a light source in low level or zero lighting conditions for around 1 hour.

Between the outer layers of the Jacket is a layer of Flectalon® thermal insulation. Developed from NASA research into aluminised surfaces, Flectalon® can reflect up to 95% of radiated heat and is proven to keep your pet warm even in freezing temperatures.

The Jacket is also showerproof, helping to keep your pet dryer in wet conditions, but it is still machine washable at 40°C.


  • Absorbs UV light from any source (daylight or a bulb)

  • Works like a battery to effectively store the absorbed light

  • Emits the stored energy as an “afterglow” in darkness

  • Fully charges in 10 minutes

  • Provides high visibility in all conditions

  • Incorporates lightweight Flectalon insulation to reduce lost body heat

  • Showerproof


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