Nutritional milks for dogs & cats

The milk substitutes of choice for vets, breeders and other pet care professionals. Welpi (for dogs) and Cimicat (for cats) nutritional supplements are ideal for puppies and kittens as well as adult dogs and cats who are ageing, convalescing or just need a little extra support.

They are the perfect nutritional milk supplement, delivering essential vitamins and minerals as well as being an ideal milk substitute and the closest approximation to bitch and queen milk.

Not just for puppies & kittens, Welpi and Cimicat are ideal nutritional supplements for:


  • Providing pregnant or lactating dogs and cats with essential substances for nutrition and growth
  • Reduced lactose formula closely mimics natural mother’s milk
  • Helps ensure correct nutritional rearing of orphaned puppies and kittens
  • Nutritional support for larger litters
  • Convalescing animals after illness or surgery
  • Older dogs and cats that could benefit from a little extra support in later life
  • Nourishing supplement for dogs and cats of all ages

Trade Enquiries

We supply retailers & pet professionals across the UK & Europe. If you are interested in purchasing or distributing our products please click the link below for more information.