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Otodex Skin Cream for dogs and cats

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(4 customer reviews)

Otodex Skin Cream is a soothing aid in the treatment of eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns.

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Otodex Skin Cream for cats and dogs

Otodex Skin Cream is ideal for use in dogs and cats. It is made using (1) an effective analgesic, which quickly alleviates pain and (2) a mild astringent to reduce haemorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries, therefore calming and covering the wound.

Pet owners will find Otodex Skin Cream suitable to use on eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns in dogs and cats.

Directions for use

Clean the wound, carefully removing overlying hair from affected parts and lightly apply cream night and morning.
If symptoms persist or appear, we advise you to consult your veterinary surgeon.

Do not use if the tube seal is broken when purchased.

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Additional Information

Active ingredients (% w/w)
Chlorocresol 0.50
Phenoxyethanol 0.72
Zinc Oxide 9.00
Lidocaine hydrochloride 0.05

For external use only.
Apply sparingly in severe cases.
If symptom persist or appear, consult your veterinary surgeon.

Operator Warnings
Wash hands after use. In the event of accidental eye contact wash immediately with copious amounts of water. If the skin or eye irritation persists – seek medical attention showing the product label to the doctor.

Do not store above 25°C.
Keep container in outer carton.

Keep out of the reach and sight of children.


4 reviews for Otodex Skin Cream for dogs and cats

  1. Sian Knight


    I’m not one to throw those words around lightly, but in this case, they’re pretty accurate. I have a shih tzu with severe allergies to….well, everything, just about. They get so severe that he licks his paws constantly because of the irritation. We’ve been to vets repeatedly and tried dozens (literally) of remedies, until I came across this at the pet store. I was wary, but after using up the first tube, I looked everywhere to find this one. He’s a very paranoid dog and hates having his paws touched (being a rescue dog, we can only assume he was badly treated by his previous owners) but as soon as the Otodex tube is in sight, he’ll let me work with his paws and put the cream on any irritated spots he has. The little fella absolutely loves this stuff and as soon as it’s on, he stops licking and settles right down. Best of all, it actually smells nice! Not perfumed, but with a nice clean, soothing smell. If there was a way to give more stars, I would ^_^

  2. Sian Knight

    Miss Knight

    Bought this for my cat who was suffering with flea allergy dermititis. I fixed the flea problem but her skin was a mess. Put this on and after approximately three days the scabs all but cleared up and her skin is back to normal. It’s a good bargain as you don’t need much of the cream and would be an excellent addition to your pets emergency supplies. I have already recommended this to my friend

  3. Sian Knight

    Sian Knight

    Ordered it as I didn’t need a prescription to get has worked really well on my dogs skin,I would recommend it to all my dog friends who’s dogs have a skin problem,and it arrived when predicted.thanks

  4. Sian Knight


    Helped with my dogs skin problem and worked very well in a few weeks, used 2 tubes to clear it

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