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SuperNature Super Lawn – Super Shaker food booster for dogs

£10.99 £8.24

Our Super Shaker for Super Lawns adds a natural, tasty topping to your dog’s meal. Superfood blend with brewer’s yeast and yucca to help reduce brown patches on grass without affecting urine pH. Just shake and sprinkle onto any food!
For Dogs.

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Super Lawn

Our Super Shaker for Super Lawns adds a natural, tasty topping to your dog’s meal. Packed full of super foods formulated to help reduce brown patches on your lawn.
Just shake and sprinkle onto ANY food.

SuperNature Super Shakers are powered by MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex, a natural and unique blend of pure nucleotides blended with amino acids, prebiotics, vitamins and minerals to support healthy cell replication.

Composition: Organic Flaxseed, Organic Coconut, Brewer’s Yeast, Yucca, MaxiCell® Cell Health Complex (Pure Nucleotides, Inulin, Amino Acids), Piperine (Black Pepper Extract).
Analytical Constituents: Oils & Fats 24%, Protein 36%, Crude Ash 8.4%, Crude Fibre 3.9%.

For Dogs

One 60g shaker lasts a 20kg dog around 30 days

Three ways to use the Super Shakers:

  • Shake onto food to coat with a tasty layer of  superfoods packed full of super micronutrients or
  • Mix with a little warm water to create a tasty paste to go inside dental chews and anti-boredom toys or
  • Mix with more warm water to make a delicious nutritious gravy to add to food or encourage convalescing pets to eat

SuperNature Super Shakers is a range of five delicious nutritious food and life enhancers for dogs. A shake a day makes ANY food (wet, dry, fresh or raw) even better and tastier.
100% natural. Extraordinary Toppers for Ordinary Food.

  • Delicious nutritious food and life enhancers for dogs
  • Formulated by nutritionists and immunologists
  • The tasty Super Shakers add a huge variety of proactive beneficial micronutrients to help keep pets happy and healthy
  • Natural, tasty and packed full of proactive micronutrients, a daily shake is the perfect addition to any food
  • Extraordinary toppers for ordinary food
  • Turns any food into a tasty superfood
  • Can be sprinkled on food or made into a simple tasty gravy
  • Can help increase nutrient absorption
  • Made in the UK
  • Dogs love it!

Please Note: Any Dalmatian owner should be aware that the breed has difficulty digesting some proteins (purines) and have to avoid some foods high in proteins like liver treats. MaxiCell Cell Health Complex contains purines, as part of the amino acid profile that supports cell health, it’s unlikely to cause a problem but as Dalmatian owners know, it best to avoid feeding certain proteins to their dogs long term.




How do I open the shaker?
1. Turn the top part of the lid until the large crescent shaped opening is centrally over the arrow on the section below.
2. Support the tube with both hands (imagine holding a warm mug of hot chocolate on a cold day)
3. Using both thumbs press firmly on the arrow until the seal breaks.
4. Turn the top section to close the tube and also adjust the flow of product when pouring

How can I be sure I am shaking the right amount on my pet’s food?
Lightly cover your pet’s food larger dogs = larger meals and vice versa so by lightly covering the surface you should be getting it about right.

We’ve allowed for a large margin of error, so that you don’t have to worry, but if you want to double check, take off the shaker lid and use the guide below to measure out onto a teaspoon before sprinkling onto your food. This should show you what the right amount looks like on your pets food:
Dogs & Cats up to 5kg ½ teaspoon
Dogs & Cats 5-10kg 2/3rd teaspoon
Dogs 10-20kg 1 teaspoon
Dogs 20-30kg 1 1/2 teaspoon

To get the best benefit shake the amounts above over 2 meals a day.

I’ve taken the lid off and the pot doesn’t seem to be very full?
Powder settles in the pack after filling (like crisps in a crisps packet) but we also need to allow a lot of space inside the pot so that you can give it a good shake before using.

Can the pack be recycled?
Yes, but please separate the shaker lid from the pot first so that they can be sorted easily at the recycling plant.

Can Super Teeth be fed to dogs with thyroid conditions?
Super Teeth contains a large amount of seaweed which contains iodine. Thyroid conditions and the treatment of can be affected by iodine, if you dog has a thyroid condition we recommend consulting your vet before using Super Teeth.

Will Super Lawn affect the pH of my dog’s urine and cause urinary problems long term?
No, Super Lawn works by removing nitrogen from the urine which can burn grass.

Can Super Lawn be fed with raw food?
Yes, because Super Lawn does not raise the pH of food being digested it can be fed with raw diets (dogs need a more acidic pH to safely digest raw food).



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