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Puppy Training Guide – all the help you could possibly need


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A comprehensive guide to training your new puppy that will prepare him for life as a member of your family, by Fiona Baird.

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The clearest, most stunningly simple training guide ever written. It really works!

Your new puppy needs care, attention and training to prepare him or her for life as a member of your family.

This guide will answer your questions and provide you with the help, guidance and information  you need.

Follow these instructions and your puppy should develop into a delightful, obedient and devoted member of your family. He will bring you great companionship and happiness for many years to come.

Contents include:

  • Choosing Your Puppy
  • Puppy’s Arrival
  • Early Days
  • Basic Puppy Psychology
  • First Steps in Training
  • Next Steps in Training
  • Common Problems

1 review for Puppy Training Guide – all the help you could possibly need

  1. Sophie Turner

    This is an indispensable guide for anyone who wants a simple, no nonsense book to help them with their first puppy, or are having problems with a young dog. My husband and I had never owned a puppy before and having got hold of a pre-release copy of Fiona Baird’s book through a friend of a friend, we now have a well behaved 6 month old who walks to heel, comes back to the whistle, is peaceful in the house and admired by all our friends who come to stay with us! I am completely confident leaving him with the children who adore him and also love helping to train him too!

    The book is so clearly written and laid out, it couldn’t be easier to follow. It’s packed with advice that you can’t believe you didn’t think of before. I also love that it fits in my coat pocket when I go for walks and the spiral binding means you can keep the page open easily whilst trying to grab the dog lead or whistle at the same time! I really couldn’t recommend this book highly enough.

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