Petlife’s Flecta Cool Bags are lightweight, hard wearing and incredibly effective. We make the range using Flectalon. This unique reflective material was developed by NASA. It keeps products inside cool – or hot – for up to 8 hours.
Therefore, the products are ideal for:
  • Picnics and parties
  • Lunch bags
  • Holidays
  • Takeaways
  • Supermarket trips
  • Temporary storage

Manufactured in the UK, Flectalon is an extremely efficient insulation material, because it combines two key elements: conventional trapped air thermal insulation and multiple mirror finish surfaces. Therefore these surfaces reflect cold (or hot) temperatures back onto the product contained within.

This technology means that anything surrounded by Flectalon material can be kept at a low (or high) temperature for far longer than had previously been possible without any further thermal aid.

The material effectively provides a cold (or hot) store for up to 8 hours, therefore significantly longer than any other insulation material.