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We’ve got a great selection of cat beds and bedding. If you’re looking for a large cat bed, luxury cat bed, thermal or waterproof bed, we’ve got a variety of colours and styles to choose from.

  • New Vetbed British Wool Blend

    Our beautifully soft new Vetbed is made from a blend of British wool and recycled bottles. It is machine washable and sustainable blend with a non slip backing. Made in the UK.
  • Vetbed Red with White dot
    Hard wearing, everyday dog and cat bedding with unique properties suitable for animals at all life stages. Vetbed®’s higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct from all other dog beds on the market. Please click here to download the product leaflet. Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits.
  • Vetbed Gold
    Vetbed® Gold is a unique veterinary dog and cat bedding and the first of its kind in the world! A development of Vetbed® Original, Vetbed® Gold has all the same benefits of the market leader, plus extra properties that make it particularly beneficial to the veterinary profession and domestic user alike. The pile is made incorporating fibres known as Ultra-Fresh - a safe, non-toxic integral agent containing a silver additive that continually works against bacteria and fungi. Over the lifetime of the bedding, it will provide effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi - often the cause of smells and odours - and help to create a more hygienic environment. In addition, because of its work against bacteria, dead skin (both human and animal) is prevented from decaying. This means that the common dust mite is starved, and consequently dies. This is a tremendous benefit to animals that are house dust mite sensitive, or that generally suffer from skin allergies. Please click here to download the product leaflet.
  • Bedding for dogs and cats and rabbits
    A further development from our Original Vetbed®, made with a non-slip backing, which is more suited to wooden or tiled flooring. Please click here to download the product leaflet. Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits!
  • Vetbed Union Jack
    Union Jack Non-Slip Vetbed size: Approximately 36" x 26".  
  • Sale!
    Flectabed dog and cat bedding
    The Flectabed® range consists of an inner quilt and variations of outer cover. The inner quilt combines two key elements of thermal insulation to keep dogs  exceptionally warm all year round. Multi layered fibres trap pockets of warm air to reduce heat loss, and reflective surfaces reflecting any lost body heat back to the pet. The standard Flectabed comes with an outer cream fleece cover; Flectabed Q has a quilted cover; and waterproof covers are also available. New design just launched - grey with white stars! Our Flecta Q Cream Size 3 is on special offer - 30% off!  

  • These cosy igloos are the perfect hiding places for small pets during the colder months. Available in 3 colours. Approximately 45cm x 40xm wide, 30cm high.