Our range of dog health products are designed to target a variety of dog health problems from puppies right through to older dogs.

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Vetericyn Plus VF Wound & Skincare Hydrogel 500ml Spray

Vetericyn Plus VF Antimicrobial Hydrogel is an advanced hypochlorous formula designed to penetrate the wound bed and relieve itches and pain associated with dermal irritation. An excellent post-surgical wound care solution, Vetericyn Hydrogel can be used for post-surgical incisions and comes in a handy spray bottle for easy dispensing.

Vetericyn Plus VF Wound & Skincare 55ml Spray

Vetericyn Plus VF Wound & Skin Care Liquid is an advanced solution for cleansing, irrigating and debriding wounds. Setting the stage for optimum healing conditions, the spray is an excellent choice for irrigating wounds, moistening wound dressings and for use on cuts, abrasions, lacerations, irritations, burns, abscesses.  

Vetericyn Plus® Wound and Skin Care Management

Vetericyn Plus® is a safe, effective wound and skin care management system. It is a hypochlorous solution that mimics the response of normal neutrophils in the white blood cells that fight infection which accelerates the healing time. Available as Wound and Skin Care Liquid, Wound and Skin Care Hydrogel, Eye Wash and Ear Rinse. Our Vetbed Gold goes perfectly with our Vetericyn range as it provides control, inhibition and protection from: bacteria, fungi, moulds and mildew. See below how it has helped Olive to recover after her mammary tumour was taken out.

Ear Drops for cats and dogs – Otodex

Otodex Veterinary Ear Drops for dogs and cats – For the treatment of ear irritation and otitis externa caused or complicated by infection. Contains a fast acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill mites. Clinical trials have demonstrated that Otodex Veterinary Ear Drops are effective in the treatment of the ear mite otodectes cynotis.  

Welpi® – Milk substitute for dogs and puppies

Welpi is the ideal substitute and the closest approximation to bitches milk. The perfect milk supplement for dogs, it contains easily digested animal proteins, a source of energy from fat and carbohydrates, together with a suitable combination of vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Hotties® is a microwavable heat pad for pets, just like a hot water bottle

Just like a hot water bottle, the Hotties® microwavable heat pad for pets gives continuous gentle warmth. It can be heated in the microwave and lasts for hours helping with muscle relaxation, to relieve injury and reduce stress. Available with a choice of fleece covers; Grey with White Stars or Fluffy Red with White dots.