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Christmas Vetbed

Deep, soft and Christmassy, non-slip vetbed with festive designs are the perfect place for pets to curl up and wait for Santa this Christmas! Available in one size 100x75cm (40x30 inches) choose from a range of designs including our new Here Comes Santa Paws and Cute Christmas Gonk designs.

New Vetbed British Wool Blend

Our beautifully soft new Vetbed is made from a blend of British wool and recycled bottles. It is machine washable and sustainable blend with a non slip backing. Made in the UK.

Reserved For The Best Dog In The World

Reserved For The Best Dog In The World is available in one size only -  40" x 30" (approx. 101cm x 76cm). This non slip bedding features many benefits found with the Original Vetbed® - amazing warmth, comfort, durability and ease of washing.

Vetbed®Non Slip Select Range

Super soft, non slip mat style bed for pets, made from sustainably sourced & recycled fibres.
  • Warm, comfortable and safe for your pet
  • Non-slip backing – ideal for use in cars, crates and slippery surfaces
  • Hygienic & non-allergenic
  • Machine washable time after time
  • 12 month quality guarantee

Vetbed® Original – Dog and cat bedding

Hard wearing, everyday dog and cat bedding with unique properties suitable for animals at all life stages. Vetbed®’s higher bulk, greater resilience, unique drainage properties and superb heat retention makes it distinct from all other dog beds on the market. Please click here to download the product leaflet. Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits.

Vetbed® Gold – Dog and cat bedding

Vetbed® Gold is a unique veterinary dog and cat bedding and the first of its kind in the world! A development of Vetbed® Original, Vetbed® Gold has all the same benefits of the market leader, plus extra properties that make it particularly beneficial to the veterinary profession and domestic user alike. The pile is made incorporating fibres known as Ultra-Fresh - a safe, non-toxic integral agent containing a silver additive that continually works against bacteria and fungi. Over the lifetime of the bedding, it will provide effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi - often the cause of smells and odours - and help to create a more hygienic environment. In addition, because of its work against bacteria, dead skin (both human and animal) is prevented from decaying. This means that the common dust mite is starved, and consequently dies. This is a tremendous benefit to animals that are house dust mite sensitive, or that generally suffer from skin allergies. Please click here to download the product leaflet.    

Non-Slip Vetbed ® – Dog and cat bedding, and can be used for rabbits

Vetbed® is a versatile & practical bed that provides a comfortable place for pets to choose to lay on  instead of the floor or as an extra comfy layer in crates, beds & furniture. vetbed® gives dogs a place of their own to dry off after a muddy walk, enjoy a messy bone or curl up with you without ruining the furniture. The non-slip backing and a flat design means you can use vetbed® all around the home without tripping over bulky dog beds and is perfect for crates and car seats. Thermally efficient and easy on joints vetbed® has been loved by vets, pet parents & pets for over 30 years. Choose your design & size below:

Non-Slip Vetbed® – Duo Paw Design

A further development from our Original Vetbed®, Vetbed Non Slip is made with a non-slip backing, which is more suited to wooden or tiled flooring. Please click here to download the product leaflet. Suitable for dogs, cats and even rabbits! Our new Duo Paw Designs are available in a range of sizes and four colour combinations:
    • Grey with Pink & White Paws
    • Charcoal with Blue & White Paws
    • Grey with Black & White Paws
    • Cerise with Black & White Paws