Flea & Insect Control

Wipeout is manufactured using a unique blend of silicones, which quite literally forms a sticky trap,  the adult fleas are permanently rendered immobile and the eggs and pupae are prevented from hatching, completely breaking the life cycle and preventing reinfestation.

Effective & Pesticide Free

Wipeout Household Flea Spray

  • Pesticide free household flea spray

  • Controls all four stages of the flea life cycle

  • Eliminates airborne allergens by coating the flea in a “sticky trap”

  • No need to remove pets from the treated room or open windows

  • Kills fleas, lice and mites with no resistance

  • Remains active for up to 6 weeks after application

  • Safe for use around children


Wipeout Small Animal Flea Wipes

  • The ONLY product of its kind!

  • Rid rabbits, ferrets, hamsters etc of fleas, lice and mites!

  • Use directly on small animal’s coat

  • Kills fleas at all life stages

  • Pesticide free – harmless to pets and humans

  • No mess, pet can still groom itself


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