Petlife International Loses MD.

Local family business owner John Hancock of Petlife International sadly passed away recently at the age of 67, after a short and unexpected illness.

John formed Petlife in 1993 with three fellow directors and as part of a management buyout team. Only last year the company celebrated 25 years of growth with John still at the helm. The head office is in Bury and the company has expanded over the years buying pet bedding manufacturer DJ Pet Products, and Alushred home of Flectalon material; incorporating manufacturing and distribution plants in Lincolnshire and Wales. During the 25 years at Petlife, John took control of the business; buying out the original Directors involved in the 1993 management buyout.

The company has grown to employ 39 staff across the three sites and “keeping it in the family” oldest son James has worked through the ranks into the recent role of Sales and Marketing Director. James will be stepping into his father’s shoes to take on the role of Executive Director of the business, moving forward.

John had many friends and business acquaintances in Bury and the surrounding areas. Outside of running the family business he studied and gained qualifications in Hypnotherapy and NLP and travelled the world in his thirst for knowledge on the subjects. He used his qualifications and experience to help many others. He also wrote and published two children’s books and was also an active member of numerous local masonic lodges.

Today Petlife trades as an international company, manufacturing and distributing hundreds of pet products across the UK, Europe and further afield. Own products include the original and well-known Vetbed brand and Harkers branded products as well as being the main distributors of the USA Oxbow small animal range. The international vision was John’s intent and he has left the company in great shape, both in the UK and abroad.

“We, as a company, have lost a great leader. As a family we have lost a very special father and grandfather. We are lucky with John’s drive and vision, over the years, to inherit a successful, sound and growing national and international business. We are determined as a team to respect and build on the legacy he has left us. John will be missed by many” James Hancock Petlife International.


Industry favourite Otodex Ear Drops gets a refresh

With the recent launch of two new Otodex products Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh, the well-known and respected Otodex ear drops has been given a makeover with new packaging to bring it in line with the other animal products within the brand family.

Otodex Ear DropsOtodex Ear Drops has been a firm favourite with veterinary professionals and retailers as well as the end user. Specially developed to assist with ear problems, the ear drops are a fast-acting formula to clear wax, relieve scratching and kill ear mites in dogs and cats. Containing a wax solvent to remove wax, fungicides and bactericides, the drops are useful for both common and difficult to treat bacterium in chronic ear cases.

The updated look features the distinct colours of the Otodex brand – bright green and blue, to ensure consistent branding across the group of products and to catch the eye of pet owners on shop shelves, whilst continuing to feature clear fonts to reflect its clinical and hygienic purposes.

“We are really pleased with the initial feedback of the launch of the new Otodex products and the design of the packaging across both old and new products. The redesign has been a long time coming and we have already seen an increase in sales, both to the trade and to the consumer”, James Hancock, Sales & Marketing Director.

The Otodex rebrand follows another major rebrand and launch of the Petlife International’s website. Taking into account research and feedback from customers – both trade and the end-user. The new website makes it easier for customers to navigate the site and to find and buy from the complete Petlife range of products on the site, including the best-selling Vetbed range, Otodex, Oxbow and Harkers range of products.

“We will be out and about at trade shows over the coming months with the new products and the new website to introduce both old and new customers to the new look”.

Otodex Ear Drops are available to order through the sales team on 01284 761131.


The road to PATS Telford 2019 – 22-23rd September

Petlife International’s team are heading to PATS Telford in just a few weeks’ time, to take their usual place on stand E40.

This year’s visitors can look forward to seeing two brand new product ranges taking centre stage on the stand: SuperNature and Otodex Odour Control.

Having acquired the SuperNature range of Super Shakers earlier this year, the products add a tasty superfood boost to any dog food – whether it be wet, dry, fresh or raw, simply shake the contents on top of food. Otodex Odour Control products are new additions to the already established Otodex brand range which initially consisted of Ear Drops and Skin Cream for dogs and cats. The new odour control products – Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh use natural technology to eliminate bad odours immediately.

Also on display will be our 2019 Christmas Vetbed® collection alongside the full Vetbed® range of products such as Vetbed® Original, Gold and Non-Slip.

Other brand ranges such as Harkers for racing pigeons and Oxbow for small animals will be on display, as well as the increasingly popular Vizlite DT dog jackets and KarmaWrap – anxiety relief for dogs.

The team look forward to meeting contacts old and new at this year’s show, visit the stand for exclusive show offers. To set up a meeting call our trade team on 01284 761131.


Two brand new product ranges – now available to order!

We are excited to announce we have now added two new product ranges to our offering for trade customers – including an extension to the already established Otodex range, and a new food enhancer product called SuperNature.

SuperNature boost for Petlife International

A dog like any human deserves a “five-a-day” boost. Petlife International has acquired the SuperNature range of Super Shakers which add a tasty superfood boost to any food.

There are five Super Shaker blends to choose from, each targeting a specific issue, the products are simply shaken onto ANY food or mixed with water to form a gravy. Made in the UK, SuperNature® Super Shakers consist of 100% natural ingredients and are highly palatable, with four containing airdried chicken and another as a meat free option, Super Raw with tasty flaxseed.

All the superfood shakers contain MaxiCell® – a cellular health complex with a unique and natural blend of pure nucleotides and essential micronutrients. Initially designed in collaboration with vets, nutritionists and immunologists, MaxiCell® has been shown to increase micronutrient absorption and is used with great success in commercial feeds. Two of the products in the range, Super Immune and Super Skin, can also be added to cat food.
The 5 SuperNature® Super Shakers address specific issues directly and at a cellular level:

1. Super Immune – supports the immune system
2. Super Raw – adds a meat free boost of raw superfoods to raw (or any) food
3. Super Lawn – reduces the effect of urine on lawns and even works for raw fed dogs
4. Super Skin & Coat – improves and maintains skin and coat condition
5. Super Teeth & Gums – helps fight plaque and maintain healthy teeth and gums

“Always looking to add extend and add quality to the Petlife range of dog, cat and small animal products, SuperNature is the perfect fit for us and will be available shortly from distributors of our products.” James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director, Petlife International.


A whiff of a new product range – Otodex Odour Control

As much as we love our dogs there are times when that doggy odour gets right under the skin! Petlife International is releasing two new products into the pet industry to remove smells from pets and their surroundings immediately, with “Stink Off” and then over a seven-day period, targeting bedding, furniture and carpets with “7 Day Fresh”.

Both products are 100% safe and use natural, plant-based ingredients from sustainable sources.

 Stink Off – hits the spot immediately, working on contact with the surface. Harmless to humans and pets it works by integrating with the nasty elements of bad smell molecules, therefore changing the molecule’s properties. Stink Off removes bad odours immediately and permanently and works just as well on human odour and unwelcomed smells such as cigarette smoke. With over 250 applications within the 250ml pump spray bottle, Stink Off is unique and works quicker than any of the current enzyme-based products on the market.

7 Day Fresh – the sister product to Stink Off, uses microcapsule technology which contains a gentle fragrance with a slow fragrance release to effectively work as an odour barrier. The barrier is activated by motion – a dog’s paw on a carpet for instance. With nothing like this motion-based technology on the market, the spray can be used with Stink Off or as a household aid.

As the weather warms up and pet odours increase both Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh work immediately to eliminate and freshen the household environment where pets live.

“Stink Off and 7 Day Fresh are perfect additions to our range of Otodex products. Our number one brand is trusted by professionals in the pet industry as well as dog, cat and small animal owners. Both products have generated much interest when previewed at recent trade shows, being both unique and a much-needed immediate solution to pet smells in the home” James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director Petlife International.

To find out more or place an order for any of the above products, please call our sales team on 01284 761131.


A successful PATS Sandown

There were a record number of visitors recorded at this PATS Sandown – the biggest PATS in the show’s 11-year history!

Thank you to those who stopped by our stand – we met lots of new customers and caught up with existing ones whilst showing off
our new exciting product launches alongside the current range.

Top products for 2019 included the long awaited, back in stock, Otodex Skin Cream, our newest addition; Oxbow Natural Science
Papaya Support; and as always the newest Vetbed designs.

*It’s back! – Otodex Skin Cream*

If you missed Otodex at PATS, the Skin Cream is back inn stock and available to order now!

A soothing aid in the treatment of Eczema,  Sore spots, Abrasions and Minor burns on cats and dogs.

• An effective analgesic to quickly alleviate pain
• A mild astringent to reduce haemorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries
• Calms and covers wounds
• Ideal for treating eczema, sore spots and abrasions
• Available in packs of 6 x 35gms

Available to order now – give our sales team a call on 01284 761131

*Launched at PATS Sandown – Oxbow Natural Science Papaya Support*

The newest addition to our range of Oxbow products for small animals and officially launched at PATS, Natural Science Papaya Support.

Designed to support the digestive health of small pets, these healthy snacks include papaya and pineapple and help ensure small animals have excellent digestion.

Available to order now – give our sales team a call on 01284 761131

*The latest Vetbed® Designs and exclusive show offer*

Our latest Non Slip Vetbed® designs were unveiled at this years PATS and the orders are already flying in.

The mottled brown with brown paws and cream stars and lilac with butterfly pattern are both now in stock and available to order!

Vetbed merchandising units are also available. Quote PATS when ordering and you can take advantage of the exclusive show offer.

Buy 5 get 1 FREE or buy 2 get 1 half price on Vetbed® rolls and pre-cut pieces

To add the new designs to your range, give our sales team a call on 01284 761131


Oxbow – new user-friendly packaging for an old favourite! Oxbow

By popular request, the packaging of Oxbow’s Simple Rewards Baked Treats has been redesigned to clearly display the variety of flavours on offer in the range.

The bag make-up and the positioning of graphic on the outside have been carefully considered to give maximum impact on retail shelves and on other selling platforms.

New clear and bright imagery portrays fresh ingredients to demonstrate the flavour of the treats, giving the consumer clear indication of the product inside, with a carefully placed window to view contents without any danger of the contents being exposed to too much light. Previous packaging designs meant that consumers found it difficult to determine which flavours were in each bag, with small graphics originally being used.

Manufactured to stand upright for display purposes the new look will give customers confidence when purchasing and ongoing freshness once opened, as long as they seal the bag after using each time.

“Our customers (retailers and others) are pleased to see a design which is a great help for display purposes and also gives their customers clear indication of the variety of flavours on offer” James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director, Petlife.

Oxbow products are distributed in the UK by Petlife International Ltd. For more information and to stock please call 01284 761131.


PATS Sandown 2019 – New dates! 10th-11th February 2019

Petlife International will once again be exhibiting at PATS Sandown for 2019, with new dates introduced for this year. Usually held in March, for 2019 the biggest trade show in the UK will be taking place on 10th and 11th February. Returning to the Surrey Hall in a new location on stand E9, we’ll be showcasing old favourites with new designs as well as brand new products for 2019.

The latest designs of the UK’s number one pet bedding, Vetbed® will be on show alongside the Harkers range of healthcare, hygiene and feed supplements for racing pigeons; including award-winning Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble – a 4 in 1 treatment for canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites. The product won the award for Best Product in the Bird category at the PATS Telford show in 2018.

Also on display at this year’s stand will be the Oxbow range of feeds, treats and supplements for small herbivores, as well as the popular Vizlite® DT Dog Jacket which features a light reflecting strip that doesn’t just reflect light but charges under any light source and emits it for up to 8 hours. The jacket is popular, being lightweight and extremely thermally efficient. Alongside this extensive range will be the new Vetericyn Plus® wound and skin care management products, which mimic the response of an animal’s natural immune system to fight infection – accelerating the healing time for wounds.

Taking centre stage on the stand will be Otodex Skin Cream, consisting of an effective analgesic to quickly alleviate pain and a mild astringent to reduce heamorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries. Recently approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for general sale, the product is highly recommended by professionals and many others for treating eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new at PATS Sandown; visit our stand for exclusive show offers and deals. If you can’t make it but would like more information on any of the products mentioned, please give our sales team a call on 01284 761131.



New Otodex Skin Cream line gains the stamp of approval!

Otodex Skin Cream works fast on wounds and sore spots and has been a firm favourite in the veterinary profession for many years. Recently approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for general sale the product is highly recommended by professionals and many others.

Otodex Skin Cream is made using an effective analgesic to quickly alleviate pain and a mild astringent to reduce haemorrhaging and weeping from minor injuries. Ideal for treating eczema, sore spots, abrasions and minor burns, Otodex Skin Cream works by calming and covering the wound.

Highly recommended by professionals and pet owners, Otodex soothes and protects wounds effectively allowing them to heal.
The Skin Cream sits within the family of Petlife’s Otodex range and alongside the top selling ear drops.

James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director at Petlife International, “Otodex Skin Cream is highly recommended by many of our customers so clearing the latest requirements of the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and therefore being able to offer the product again is fantastic news. The cream is easy to apply and proven to be very effective on skin conditions, abrasions and minor burns on both cats and dogs. We’re delighted to be able to once again offer Otodex Skin Cream as part of the Petlife range.”


We’ll be at this year’s London Vet Show on stand X10

The Petlife team will be exhibiting alongside Oxbow at the London Vet Show at the ExCel London on the 15th and 16th November.

The two-day conference-led exhibition is THE show to attend for any veterinary professional involved in any aspect of animal veterinary work and offers the biggest and most comprehensive range of veterinary suppliers in Europe, all under one roof.

Taking centre stage on the Petlife stand will be our range of Vetericyn Plus® VF products – a wound and skincare management system used for cleansing, irrigating and debriding wounds. From dermatology to post-operative care, the Vetericyn Plus® VF family of products provides an economical tool for a range of veterinary wound and skin care needs – and reduces the need for antibiotic usage.

Visit our stand X10 to claim a free Vetericyn sample!

For those specialising in small animal care, the Oxbow Animal Health range of premium products for small herbivores will also be on show. A leader in premium small animal nutrition, Oxbow partner closely with vets, scientists and other industry professionals, to create their large range of products, including Oxbow Fortified Feeds, Supplements and a wide variety of Hays; including the new and recently launched Hay Blends – a blend of Western Timothy and Orchard Grass to help provide enrichment.

Visit our stand X10 to pick up a free Oxbow Baked Treats sample and a free feeding syringe for Critical Care!

Also on display at the show will be

  • Cimicat & Welpi – The milk substitutes of choice for vets, breeders and other pet care professionals
  • Fungitraxx – Anti-fungal product to treat common pathogens in ornamental birds
  • Orniflox – Concentrated antibiotic to treat infections of the digestive and respiratory tracts in minor species

For more information about the London Vet Show click here and to set up a meeting, give us a call on 01284 761131



An award-winning PATS Telford for Petlife International sister company Harkers

Returning to the Telford International Centre for another year, Petlife International took its usual stand space on E40 on the 23-24th September to meet pet trade buyers from across the UK.

This year marks a special occasion for the team as they celebrate their 25th anniversary in the pet trade world. And to add to the celebrations, sister company Harkers won an award in the show’s New Product Showcase – winning the prize for the bird product with their Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble, beating some tough competition.

Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble is for the treatment and prevention of canker, coccidiosis, worms and external parasites (lice and mites), via the drinking water and reduces the need for administration of multiple medicines.

“This bird health product fulfils a need in the market, it is easy to administer and has clear instructions on usage. It will also have a long shelf life” PATS representative.

“We are thrilled to win the PATS New Product Showcase Award for best bird product – Harkers 4 in 1 Soluble for pigeons is the result of tireless research and innovation, and the award is recognition of all the hard work and dedication that the entire Petlife and Harkers team display on a daily basis” James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director for Petlife and Harkers.

At the show the team also unveiled their 2018 Christmas Vetbed® range to visitors, featuring a charcoal with snowmen design, as well as a light blue with white and dark blue swirls and snowflakes and a catchy “I believe in Santa Paws” design – all being very well received.

The team are now gearing up for the London Vet Show 15-16th November at the ExCel, just before a busy Christmas period.


Petlife International heads to PATS Telford to celebrate its 25th year of business

Petlife International is celebrating 25 years in business in 2018 and welcomes customers old and new to their stand E40 at the September PATS show in Telford 23-24th September 2018

On display will be a comprehensive range of products including the 2018 Christmas Vetbed collection. A real treat for all well-behaved dogs, the range will include snowflakes with swirls, snowmen with paws, and “I believe in Santa Paws” too.

After an incredibly successful launch of the Vizlite reflective jacket for dogs last year Petlife will be supporting visitors to the stand with 25% off the current Vizlite trade prices and supplying POS support, including a free standing merchandising unit with an integrated video display.

Other favourites including the original Vetbed, Otodex Eardrops, Harkers and the Oxbow range of small animal products will also be on view, with special show offers including 5 + 1 free on all Vetbed rolls and pre-cut pieces and an extra 10% discount across the entire Oxbow range.

Plan your visit to PATS Telford here.


Petlife’s 10th year at Interzoo a success

This year saw Petlife’s 10th year at international pet industry exhibition, Interzoo. Taking place at Nuremberg in Germany over four days from 8-11th May, the event attracts around 39,000 trade visitors from more than 125 countries.

This year’s new format took place on Tuesday-Friday inclusive and worked well, with a steady and busy flow of visitors throughout the show across the four days. During these days the Petlife team were able to meet with retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers from more than 30 countries, including Germany, South Africa, USA, Chile, Czech Republic, Austria and Spain.

Star of the show was our Vetbed® with lots of interest in the range, however KarmaWrap, Vizlite jackets and Hotties were also very well received.

Since the event Petlife have agreed an exclusive distribution deal with a new partner based in South Africa, with a sizable first order placed. We are also hoping to convert a number of leads created at the show into orders over the next few weeks.

The show provided the team with a valuable opportunity to catch up with a number of existing accounts from across Europe and further afield, allowing us to show new products in our range including the latest Vetbed® designs, as well as to unofficially launch our 2018 range of Christmas Vetbed® designs.



Another successful PATS Sandown 2018

On the 20th-21st March the Petlife International team returned to the Surrey Hall on stand K13 at PATS Sandown 2018, showcasing new products as well as old favourites to current and new customers.

Our recently introduced Vetericyn Wellness Centre was very well received at the show after being featured in the show’s new product showcase, catching the eyes of both existing and new customers. There was also lots of interest in new Harkers products 4 in 1 Soluble and Harka-Dip, with orders placed at the event.

VizLite DT Dog Jackets were also popular, with lots of pre-interest in the display unit with integrated motion-sensing video display for Autumn 2018. KarmaWrap continued to grow in popularity with buyers as its anxiety-calming qualities once again impressed customers.

We always enjoy meeting customers face to face at events – allowing us to answer any questions first hand as well as showcase our full range of products. This week we will be exhibiting at is the BSAVA Congress 5-8th April at the Arena Birmingham, and we will return to PATS Telford on 23rd-24th September 2018




PATS Sandown 2018 – 20-21st March

Petlife International will once again be exhibiting at PATS Sandown on the 20th and 21st March. Returning to the Surrey Hall on stand K13, we’ll be showcasing old favourites with new designs as well as brand new products for 2018.

The latest designs of the UK’s number one pet bedding, Vetbed® will be on show including a quirky new design “Reserved For The Best Dog In The World”. The Harkers range of healthcare, hygiene and feed supplements for racing pigeons will also be showcasing two new products recently launched at the beginning of this year, 4 in 1 Soluble and Harka-Dip, alongside the Oxbow range of feeds, treats and supplements for small herbivores. The popular Vizlite® DT Dog Jacket will also be on display – featuring a light reflecting strip that doesn’t just reflect light but charges under any light source and emits it for up to 8 hours. The jacket is popular, being lightweight and extremely thermally efficient.

Taking centre stage on the stand will be a new and revolutionary product range on the market dealing with wound and skin care management, Vetericyn Plus®, which Petlife has recently become the UK distributor of. A safe and effective hypochlorous solution, Vetericyn mimics the response of an animal’s natural immune system to fight infection and accelerate healing time for wounds. Ideal for post-operative and dermatology care, the solution provides optimal healing conditions.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new at PATS Sandown; if you can’t make it but would like more information on any of the products mentioned, please give our sales team a call on 01284 761131.



Showcasing new products at PATS Telford 2017

Once again Petlife had a successful PATS Telford after catching up with current customers and meeting new ones at the show. It gave the team the opportunity to showcase brand new products, including the new Christmas Vetbed® design, the new Flecta Vizlite® DT dog jackets and the recently introduced Vetericyn Plus® range of wound and skin care management products – all were well received at the show.

Proving particularly popular with retailers was the new display stand for Vizlite® DT dog jackets, complete with motion sensing video display. The stand holds 30 jackets across all sizes and makes for an eye catching and prominent display, helping to maximise dog jackets sales throughout the Autumn and Winter months.

The team also enjoyed the opportunity to showcase the existing range of products including the full Harkers range of healthcare products for pigeons, Vetbed® Original and Oxbow Premium Products for small animals. Having the vast range of products on display helped the buying decision making for many customers and has given them an opportunity to ask any questions in person with the Petlife team.

Petlife are looking forward to returning to PATS Sandown in March 2018.



The original Vetbed® launches new Non-Slip Christmas design for 2017 

The festive season is just around the corner and with it brings cold and wintry weather. Suitable for all life stages of dogs, cats and house rabbits, Petlife International’s Non-Slip Vetbed® bedding range is the perfect solution for providing warmth and comfort, and the Christmas 2017 range is now available.

The range incudes a Snowman and paws design with a charcoal background, stockings and paws design on a green background, and new for this season, white snowflake design with a light blue background. The limited-edition bedding is wrapped with brand new festive packaging making it easier to display as well as easier for the consumer to identify on the shelf.

Manufactured in the UK from two types of specially developed polyester, Vetbed® is characterised by its higher bulk, greater resilience and heat retaining properties. The material also has unique draining capabilities to ensure pets remain dry and warm even if spillages or accidents occur. Not only that, the Vetbed® material is hygienic, non-irritant and non-allergenic.  The Christmas designs join the non-slip range, ideal for use on polished floors and tiles.

These unique benefits do not compromise the luxurious feel and comfort of the bedding, nor its durability. The bedding is fully machine-washable and can be washed time and time again, while still maintaining its comfort and strength.

Vetbed® is made in the UK and available from Petlife International. To find out more and to order the Christmas stock in time for a busy winter season, contact our sales team on 01284 761131.



Petlife International will be showcasing some exciting new products sitting alongside some old favourites at PATS Telford on stand E40.

New for 2017 and taking centre stage on the stand will be the award winning Vizlite® Jacket – which launched and was well received at PATS Sandown earlier this year and uses the latest UV light technology to provide high visibility for both dog and walker in all conditions and for hours; without the need for any batteries, electricity or wires. The coats are made from our Flectalon fabric which is lightweight and extremely thermally efficient. Vizlite® was voted favourite product by retailers at The Trust Pet Products Trade Show 2017.

As always, the full range of Vetbed® Original, Non-Slip and Gold will be available with great show offers and we’ll be revealing the 2017 Christmas Vetbed® collection which includes a new light blue design with white snowflakes.

For small animal buyers, the recently rebranded range of Natural Science supplements from Oxbow will also be on show as well as the newly launched Hay Blends. Bestseller Western Timothy and Alfalfa Hays, Simple Rewards Baked Treats and Pure Comfort bedding will also be on show.
The Harkers range of healthcare and hygiene products for racing pigeons will also be on the stand.

There will be exclusive PATS deals, only available when visiting our stand and across our full range – including money off and multi buy offers.
We look forward to seeing customers old and new at PATS, if you can’t make it but would like more information on any of the products mentioned, give our sales team a call on 01284 761131.



Cimicat® and Welpi® – new user-friendly pots introduced into the market

Leading milk supplement for cats and dogs of all ages, Cimicat® and Welpi® has been re-branded and re-packaged into new easy to use 250g tubs.

Cimicat® and Welpi®, Petlife International products, have been favourites with vets, breeders and others for many years as a natural food supplements for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Both products are safe, effective and a popular choice for hand rearing puppies and kittens and at later life stages for use as a supplement. They are also an important dietary addition for lactating queens and bitches, with essential scientifically proven ingredients for nutrition and growth.

The new plastic containers come in a convenient size and are both easy to store and use. The powder formula just requires the addition of water and the new packaging for both products comes with easy to follow directions on quantity to mix.

James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director for Petlife International, “We have supplied Cimicat® and Welpi® as tried and tested milk supplements to the pet and veterinary industries for many years. The new look packaging contains the same premium ingredients, we have just made it a lot easier for our customers to use them and to store”

Recommended by vets, Cimicat® and Welpi® are tried and trusted brands. The new packaging will assist pet owners and professionals alike to provide essential nutrients through a milk supplement in a quick and less messy way.

To stock up on the newly re-packaged Cimicat® and Welpi® products, call our sales team on 01284 761131 or order via the website here.


Wonder Pigeon from Harkers – now available as a trial size

Harkers “Wonder Pigeon” a remedy designed to treat against intestinal bacteria is now available to purchase in a new 150gm trial size – allowing your customers to try the product before purchasing the larger 500gm or 1kg size.

Originally only available in the zoological market for intestinal diseases, it has been thoroughly tested on pigeons, producing astonishing results.

“Wonder Pigeon” contains a patented mixture of essential fatty acids (bound with glycerol to monoglycerides) with a natural antibacterial activity to kill intestinal bacteria fast and aid a speedy recovery.

Wonder Pigeon is designed to –

  • Aid in the correction of digestion
  • Increase the appetite
  • Improve recovery of the intestinal flora
  • Strengthen the natural resistance
  • Boost the immune system
  • Support the metabolism
  • Increase nutrient absorption

Wonder Pigeon can be used as an alternative for many medical and other products on the market. It is as close to a perfect solution as could possibly be. It improves digestion, conditioning and assists flight training. By improving digestion, it will promote overall condition. By administering a small daily dose up to 4ml, depending on the time of year, it will reduce the need for antibiotics and other medication. Wonder Pigeon is one of only a few products on the market that are effective against young bird sickness when used continuously.

Top Fanciers across the UK have been using Wonder Pigeon. Feedback so far includes a big improvement in plumage and general condition in birds given the product compared to birds who were not. Rounder and harder droppings were also noted.

B.R Holroyd Netherton, West Yorkshire has been using the product “I have used Wonder Pigeon during my breeding season. I had a 98% hatch rate and I am very pleased with the results. The young birds are strong and healthy, the droppings remain firm and the feathering of the birds is excellent. All my old, young and stock birds are in a healthy, good condition after using Wonder Pigeon and Hormoform and I intend on using both during the whole of the racing season”

“Without question, Wonder Pigeon from Harkers has got to be the finest and best product I have used these past 50 years, in breeding and racing pigeons. More to the point such tried and tested products can also be given in conjunction with Wonder Pigeon” Richard Boylin, French Pigeon Breeder.

“Wonder Pigeon is a great product, within two weeks of using I have seen a difference in the condition of my birds, their feather quality has improved and their general health is better, I have also not seen any young bird sickness since introducing” Mark Gilbert.

You can order the new 150gm trial size Wonder Pigeon direct from our sales team by calling 01284 761131 or by visiting the trade section of our website here. Wonder Pigeon is also available in a 500gm and 1kg size.

For more information on Wonder Pigeon or any of the Harkers range contact us on 01284 761131


New product launched wins award at the Trust Pet Products Show – Vizlite® Dual Technology Dog Jackets

Petlife International have improved their current range of Hi Viz dog jackets, incorporating new Vizlite technology; to increase visibility when walking dogs in the dark.

Petlife’s range of lightweight 3 in 1 Hi-Vis dog jackets are unique, made with a material which is produced in the UK, using NASA research and technology. The coats significantly outperform others on the market and have been a best seller through the pet trade, for several years. 2017 sees the introduction of new and innovative Vizlite® technology to further enhance the ability to keeping dogs safe on walks in the dark.

Petlife Vizlite® Dual Technology Dog Jackets incorporate two Vizlite strips on either side, which are charged in natural light in under 10 minutes and will glow In darkness for up to 8 hours thereafter – without batteries or electricity.

James Hancock, Sales Director at Petlife International, “We are constantly looking at innovative designs to improve our range of pet products. Incorporating Vizlite strips into our dog jackets will provide high visibility in all light conditions whilst continuing to keep dogs warmer for longer when out walking”

The new jackets were well received at the Trust Pet Products Trade Show, being announced as winner of the favourite product category and runner up in the most innovative product category. Trade buyers are encouraged to order stock now to piggy back off media exposure coming up and to avoid disappointment.      

The VizLite® DT Dog Jackets come in 11 different sizes to suit most dog breeds, shapes and sizes and are machine washable at 40°C. Orders can be placed by telephoning 01284 761131 or email


A busy PATS Sandown

Petlife enjoyed another successful PATS show recently, at Sandown; greeting customers old and new on their stand over the 2 days. A favourite on the Petlife events calendar, it always gives the team the opportunity to get out of the office and showcase new products alongside the existing range.

New products for 2017 included the Flecta Vizlite® DT dog jackets which picked up many new orders in readiness for the Autumn selling period, with customers pleased to see something truly unique and innovative launching at the show. Having the vast choice of Vetbed designs on display helped customers with their buying decision making and a new Oxbow floor display stand secured several new positions in customer’s retail premises over the coming months.

Petlife will be taking the exhibition stand to the PATS show in Telford later in 2017


PATS Sandown – 21-22 March

Petlife International will once again be exhibiting at PATS Sandown on the 21st and 22nd March. Returning to stand E8 in the Surrey Hall, we’ll be showcasing old favourites with new designs as wPATS SANDOWN 2016ell as brand new products for 2017.

On the Petlife stand, there will be the ever popular Vetbed® range alongside a brand-new design for the spring and the recently re-packaged Vetbed® Gold. Alongside this, the Oxbow range of feeds, treats and supplements for small herbivores as well as the Harkers range of healthcare, hygiene and feed supplements for racing pigeons, including two new products recently launched and well received, the 4 in 1 Spot On and Ridmite. An old favourite Safebed will be available as well as the Wipeout Household Flea Spray with a brand-new look.

Making its debut appearance at PATS, an exciting development on our already popular 3 in 1 Hi-Vis Dog Jacket to further enhance the ability to keep owners and dogs safe on winter walks, the ‘Petlife VizLite® Dog Jacket’. With a light reflecting strip that doesn’t just reflect light but charges under light, without electricity or batteries and emits it for up to 8 hours, whilst remaining lightweight and extremely thermally efficient.

We look forward to seeing customers old and new at PATS, if you can’t make it but would like more information on any of the products mentioned, give our sales team a call on 01284 761131.


Wipeout – an environmentally friendly product for the control of fleas in the household, is now available in a more user friendly bottle at a lower cost.  

Petlife International have recently taken production of their popular flea spray in house, allowing them to reduce costs and pass these savings onto both the trade aWipeout 500ml Spray Bottlend end user. The trigger spray replaces the original can packaging and gives the customers 66% more product at a lower cost.

A problem all year round, fleas particularly thrive in warmer conditions and are more likely to settle in their immediate environment – including furnishing and carpets. Surprisingly fleas on a pet represent only 5% of the flea population and this small amount is usually picked up by the pet from within the home. With the other 95% lurking in carpets and furniture it is therefore as important to treat the home as it is to treat the animal.

Chemicals have traditionally been used to control fleas and mites, triggering allergies, damaging materials and having a detrimental effect on the environment. Many conventional home treatments are slow to work, and do not stop pupae from hatching. As soon as one set of fleas is wiped out, new fleas develop and the problem continues – meaning you spend more money on treating the problem.

Wipeout from Petlife International is a pesticide free product which rewrites the way consumers can d
eal with pests in the home and on their pets. Wipeout seals adult fleas, eggs, larvae and pupae by engulfing them in a sticky trap of silicones – fleas and larvae are rendered helpless and immobile, whilst eggs and pupae are unable to hatch. This means that unlike other treatments, Wipeout is a firm favourite with many and is now even more environmentally and user friendly, as the original spray has been replaced with a trigger spray bottle; giving more coverage and at a lower cost to the user.

A quick spray around the home is all that’s needed to safely eliminate all fleas for at least six weeks, and there is no need to clear the area being treated. Coupled with a spot-on treatment given directly to pets, the problem should effectively be eliminated. Wipeout contains silicones which are completely safe and used in everyday household products and cosmetics.

Wipeout belongs to the Petlife family of innovative products which includes the original Vetbed – as recommended by vets across the globe.

To stock up on the newly re-packaged Wipeout, call our sales team on 01284 761131 or order via the website.


New Year – New Look …………..Vetbed® Gold has a makeover.

A favourite with the professional animal care industry for many years, Vetbed® Gold hVetbed Gold 2620 angled row
as been re-packaged to make it more user friendly for display purposes and to make it easier for the consumer to identify on the shelf.
The new header wraps wrap around the bed and replace the hanger and header card making it easier to display as well as giving the customer the opportunity to see and feel the quality themselves.
Petlife International, owners of the Vetbed® brand and range of products will also be introducing a new colour to the existing range – charcoal. Alongside the existing range of white, grey, blue, red and burgundy, the charcoal comes in the following sizes 18”x 14”, 26”x 20”, 37”x 28” and 50”x 30”, to suit all types of dogs – also available in 10 metre rolls.

Vetbed® Gold deveVetbed Gold 2620 charcoalloped out of the original V
etbed®. It has all the same benefits of the market leader, plus extra properties that make it particularly beneficial to the veterinary profession and domestic user alike.
Vetbed® Gold contains Ultra-Fresh®, a safe, non-toxic anti bacterium containing a silver additive integrated within the fibres that is safe, effective, durable and does not wash out. Over the lifetime of the bedding, it will provide effective control of bacteria, mould, mildew and fungi – often the cause of smells and odours – and help to create a more hygienic environment. In addition, because of its work against bacteria, dead skin (both human and animal) is prevented from decaying. This means that the common dust mite is starved, and consequently dies. This is a tremendous benefit to animals that are house dust mite sensitive, or that generally suffer from skin allergies.

To stock up on the newly re-packaged Vetbed® Gold call our sales team on 01284 761131 or order via the website.




PATS Telford 2016 

The Petlife 2016 Christmas Vetbed range was well received by visitors to the Telford PATS show. Red Snowflakes proved very popular with many and said aside from tempting customers to treat their pets to a fPATS 2016 TELFORDestive bed the design would be a great addition to Christmas window and instore displays. The cracking choice of seasonal designs takes nothing away from the quality customers have come to expect from the UK’s No. 1 and original Vetbed.

A brand new look for the entire range of Oxbow feeds for rabbits and guinea pigs grabbed the attention of many visit
ors passing the Petlife stand. A popular consensus from retailers at the show suggested they prefer the new shelf friendly packaging and the new brighter, more vibrant look.

The popular and unique 3 in 1 dog jacket, available in a choice of sizes, continues to grow in sales and particularly at this time of year as temperatures drop and the darker nights draw in. Smart customers are placing orders now, keen to take advantage of early season offers and to stock up before the cold, dark nights are really upon us!

As always PATS Telford is an exhibition the Petlife team would not miss – it is an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends old and new, and the perfect platform to launch new ranges to the trade.



PATS Telford 2016.

You can find Petlife International on stand E40, sitting alongside many old favourites we have a cracker of a showcase of unique and original festive Vetbed designs, for Christmas 2016. Visitors to PATS 2016 can take advantage of some great show offers including 5 + 1 free or buy 2 get 1 half price on all Vetbed rolls and pre-cut pieces. A firm favourite with dog and cat owners. Just one of many special offers exclusive to the stand at the show.

We will also be launching brand new, eye catching, packaging for the Oxbow range of fortified feeds for small animals. The new look is purposely designed to really stand out on the shelf whilst reassuring the content is still the favourite premium fortified feed for pet owners.

The stand is always a popular place for customers old and new to meet up. We hope to see you there on stand E40.


PATS Sandown 2016

A perennial favourite with the Petlife team, PATS Sandown 2016 once again confirmed its place as a ‘must attend’ event.

Launching the Christmas 2016 Vetbed designs as the clocks went forward for British summertime didn’t put the visitors to the stand off with plenty of interest from trade, particularly the red and white snowflake design.


Keeping up with latest current colour trends, the newest addition to the Vetbed range, purple with white hearts, bones and paw prints was the top seller from the huge range of colours and designs available in original Vetbed, Non- Slip and Gold.

Footfall was busy at the show with a good number of new customers, including many from overseas. Petlife supplies products worldwide and is a recognised brand in many overseas markets. Attending the show is as much about meeting existing customers as it is about building new relationships, old or new faces it’s always a pleasure.