As Christmas approaches, dogs are more and more reluctant to leave the cosy fire and step out in the dark for their walk. It’s important to ensure pets are well cared for in the cold, rain and even snow so see below our products to help with the cold weather and dogs.

Dog coats for winter
Our hi-vis dog winter coats are the perfect addition to your four legged friends wardrobe, not only keeping them warm but ensuring they are visible by passing traffic. The new colours to the range are the perfect dog coat for winter, with thermal properties developed by NASA, the material reflects heat back onto your animal ensuring they stay snug on their winter walks.

Thermal Flecta Dog Jacket in Camouflage print with High Visibility Stitching

Dogs don’t just feel the cold outside!
Older dogs can suffer with arthritis often aggravated by the lower temperatures. Orthopaedic dog beds can be a great dog arthritis treatment, our Posturepal has a unique memory foam mattress which moulds to the shape of the dog to provide support where most needed.


Posture Pal Bed


If that doesn’t warm you up…
Hotties are the perfect addition to your dogs bed during winter. Like a hot water bottle, they heat up in minutes in the microwave but stay warm for hours. As well as helping with muscle relaxation and reducing stress, they provide extra warmth to any bed.

Hotties Microwavable Heat Pad

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