Sammy and Dyllis are 6 months old miniature lop eared rabbits and they aren’t fussy when it comes to what they eat, but as an owner and after lots of reading and IMG_5634 amendedadvice…. I am!

When I first became a rabbit owner, I went straight to a local pet store and bought large hay bags without giving nutrition a second thought, I was eager to ensure the bunnies had fresh hay everyday as instructed but wasn’t fully aware of how important a small animals diet is in keeping their digestive system in tip top condition.

I stumbIMG_5629 amdled across Petlife when researching rabbit feeds and now I aim to provide them with a mixed diet that contains good quality fibre and Oxbow, available from Petlife has everything they need. As soon as the bag of Timothy hay is opened they stand on their back legs, (and as you can see from the picture!) and wiggle their noses in the air.

My favourite product from the range is definitely the Harvest Stacks – hay without all the mess, the rabbits on the other hand, aren’t fussy!

Faye, Sammy and Dyllis