Almost half of the dog population show signs of stress and anxiety at the sound of fireworks and especially at this time of year, firework night can stretch out for weeks of unsettled unhappy pets, cowering away from the loud bangs and providing some owners with constant barking.

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Our guide for helping you get ready for the firework season is full of hints and tips to make sure any dog anxiety in your household is reduced. Preparation is key and the sooner the better!

1 – Prepare the environment
Providing your dog with a safe place in the home and introducing them to it early will enable your pet to become familiar with feeling secure. Use toys and treats to introduce positive reinforcement and reward good behaviour. Fill the area with their blankets, or dog bed so they are familiarised with the smells and comfortable in the area. Introduce a radio or TV as background noise whilst they are relaxing and sleeping, so when the fireworks start and the radio is on, they are used to the sounds. If your dog is also anxious in other situations such as travelling, being around other dogs and/or in strange environments, try a calming wrap like KarmaWrap, proven to significantly reduce anxiety, loud barking and excitable behaviour. See the amazing results here.

2 – Prepare your petKarmaWrap Small
Early evening walks before it gets dark will reduce the chance of being out when the displays start. Preparing their safe place in the home early evening will get them accustomed to their surroundings and help them relax. If they’ve been wearing a calming wrap in other situations, get them used to wearing this when sleeping and in the home.

3 – Prepare early
In the run up to November the 5th, research and training is required to ensure your dog is used to methods used in the home to reduce anxiety. Beginning a routine early such as creating the safe space, using toys as positive reinforcement and using a radio as background noise will help for when the noisy time arrives. Early prep is key so start now!