Leading milk supplements for cats and dogs of all ages, Cimicat® and Welpi® have been re-branded and re-packaged into new easy to use 250g tubs. Welpi® is still also available in the 2kg tub.

Cimicat® and Welpi®, Petlife International products, have been favourites with vets, breeders and others for many years as a natural food supplements for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens. Both products are safe, effective and a popular choice for hand rearing puppies and kittens and at later life stages for use as a supplement. They are also an important dietary addition for lactating queens and bitches, with essential scientifically proven ingredients for nutrition and growth.

The new plastic containers come in a convenient size and are both easy to store and use. The powder formula just requires the addition of water and the new packaging for both products comes with easy to follow directions on quantity to mix.


James Hancock, Sales and Marketing Director for Petlife International, “We have supplied Cimicat® and Welpi® as tried and tested milk supplements to the pet and veterinary industries for many years. The new look packaging contains the same premium ingredients, we have just made it a lot easier for our customers to use them and to store”

Recommended by vets, Cimicat® and Welpi® are tried and trusted brands. The new packaging will assist pet owners and professionals alike to provide essential nutrients through a milk supplement in a quick and less messy way.

Find out more information about Welpi® and order on the website here, to find out more information about Cimicat® and order on the website here.