Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now the UK’s number one conversation topper, overtaking Brexit and even the weather. Steps to keep germs at bay include thorough washing of hands and should wherever possible be the start of the process to remove germs. Not just the hands, but the wrists too!

Washing your hands only will not remove or kill invisible viruses and other germs. Sanitising them with alcohol-based hand sanitiser after washing hands will complete the job. They are also extremely useful when water is not available.

The Petlife owned product Conficlean2 is a powerful foam hand cleanser. The product is an alcohol based hand sanitiser which is effective against viruses, bacteria, yeast and fungi. This amazing yet effective product is designed for use on the go as well as within the home. Make sure to re-apply every 2 – 3 hours or after washing hands for that final layer of protection in the process which ultimately gives you a better chance of not picking up germs found in shared places.

Dirty hands and touching faces are the quickest way for germs to spread. Whilst we cannot account for other people’s actions, we can at the very least try to protect ourselves by making time to thoroughly cleanse hands and arms and passing on the correct instructions to family, friends and colleagues.

The NHS has a useful page with diagrams on how to wash your hands correctly. Water consumption is going to increase during the current rounds of hand washing awareness. Please do think of the planet in all of this and only turn on the tap when your hands and arms are fully covered in soap.

Conficlean2 background– Conficlean2 Foam Hand Rub is formulated from a blend of 3 powerful biocides, emollients and pH regulators to impart a wide range of disinfection coupled with a high degree of user friendliness.

This hand rub is kind to the hands, non-staining, has a pleasant citrus aroma and possesses powerful cleansing properties in addition to its strong disinfection ability. These properties allow Conficlean2 Hand Rub to be used in situations where water is unavailable and hand washing is impossible, so allowing hand disinfection for up to 5 times before washing is necessary. The non-irritant, emollient based formula dries quickly, allowing repeated use without degreasing the skin.

This product is made up of 2 quaternary ammonium compounds which are bactericidal and virucidal. Other ingredients are: alcohol, glycerin, detergent, perfume and water.
Conficlean products come in various forms such as the Conficlean2 Foam Hand Scrub, Conficlean2 Complete Ready To Use Hugh Level Disinfectant, Conficlean2 Concentrated High Level Disinfectant and High Level Disinfectant Wet Wipes which is all available on the Petlife International website.