Bad odours? Choose your weapon…

Vetbed Original

Masking Sprays…

Freshening treatments mask, cover or disguise smells but doesn’t remove them…

Vetbed Non Slip

Enzyme Sprays…

Enzyme treatments consume the source of the smell but only gradually…

Vetbed Gold


Removes odour on contact. Immediately. Instantly. No waiting. Gone!

Plant Power! 
Made from 100% natural & sustainable plant extracts

Otodex Stink Off


Natural odour elimination technology that destroys odours on contact – INSTANTLY!

  • For use around the home & car

  • Pet Odour neutraliser, non masking

  • For pet urine, faeces, smoke, damp dog smell and other really tough odours

  • Neutralises and rids odours on contact

  • Works quickly, effectively and safely

  • Made using natural, renewable and sustainable plant extracts

7 Day Fresh

7 Day Fresh

A single application delivers a motion activated burst of fragrance for up to 7 days.

  • Motion activated

  • Long lasting fragrance

  • For pet beds, sofas, cars and around the home

  • Bursting microcapsule technology

  • Fragrance release over 7 days from a single application!

  • Safe and non-toxic

Stink Off Natural Coat Spray

Natural Coat Spray

100% Natural plant based spray removes odours on your dog on contact.

  • For use directly on your dog’s coat

  • Gentle & kind to skin

  • Works on contact with bad odours

  • Forms harmless molecules to trap odours

  • Completely eliminates odours

  • Effective on dog urine, horse poo, pond smell, damp dog, fox poo and for dogs that are just
    a bit stinky…


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