Vetbed Wool Blend, the latest addition to our Vetbed range is not only an extremely comfortable bed for your dog, cat or small animal, but it’s also sustainable and kind to the environment!

The new bedding consists of 50% natural British wool and 50% specially formulated polyester, made from recycled bottles. In a world where sustainability is becoming increasingly important, this bedding doesn’t compromise on comfort and durability but ticks the boxes for being kind to the environment too. We even package it in carbon balanced paper.

Available in a variety of sizes and both cream and grey, the Vetbed Wool Blend:

  • Has natural insulating and breathable properties that help to regulate your pet’s body temperature
  • Is hypoallergenic – naturally inhibits bacteria, fungus and dust mites
  • Boasts superior comfort – soft, supportive fibres provide the ideal “snuggle” factor for dogs and cats!
  • Is hard-wearing, the wool fibres work like a spring to resist pressure and flattening
  • Can naturally absorb significant amounts of liquid to maintain a drier feel even after “accidents”
  • Has a non-slip backing – ideal for use on laminate or tiled floors, crates and the back of the car
  • Is guaranteed for 12 months

Available to purchase on our website here.